3 Video Concepts Guaranteed to Engage (and Move) Your Audience

As a communications pro, you know what you need to communicate, and you understand that video is the tool of choice. But what’s the BEST approach to take? Consider these three proven concepts when conceptualizing your next video message.

1. Crowdsourcing

Consider letting everyone in on the act, where your team members are the stars of your show and crowdsource the content.  You’ll need to provide your aspiring filmmakers with a detailed ask, with background about your topic and insights on the video theme.

Share some simple guidelines for providing usable video files (Mission critical – record in landscape orientation!) That way, your team members will be equipped to submit all of the elements you need to put together a fun and compelling finished product. See how HGTV is working together through COVID-19.

2. Testimonial

Make your message more authentic and relatable by allowing others to share it through their stories. When viewers hear from a respected and admired source, it engages their emotions, which helps to personalize the message and to make it more memorable. A testimonial video can be especially effective when you need to diffuse skepticism.

But don’t just take it from us. In this recruitment video, see what Cox Communications interns say to top college talent about the value of their intern experience:

This video is a great tool to help us attract a higher caliber of talent. It enables us to not only create awareness of our program, but to generate excitement – with this hip, cool factor – and appeal to the GenZ and Millennial base that we’re recruiting from.”

Son Pham, Director – University Relations Strategy at Cox Communications

3. Behind the Scenes

Provide the exclusive access your audience wants and values as authentic. By placing your audience in a “Day in the Life” experience, you’re quite literally giving them backstage passes. Being in the midst of the action makes any story more interesting and provides a new perspective. 

Whether you’re sharing an inside look of developing a new product, a first person perspective tour, or even how your senior leadership team is coping with a crisis – a documentary approach is perhaps the most interesting and engaging way to humanize a topic to tell a big story. And perhaps win a Telly Award.

We’re Here to Chat…And It’s On Us.

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